A boy named Sue. An obvious target for the cruelties of the world and its school children. One day, the phone rings and a mysterious call sends nine year-old Sue on cross-country trek in search of revenge against the father he never met for the name he never wanted. But as he crosses paths with the people and places of his father’s past, he begins to question the very basis of his journey.


About the Film
“A Boy Named Sue” started as an offhand thought while listening to Johnny Cash’s “Live at San Quentin”. But that offhand thought turned into the germ of an idea. Which turned into notes scribbled on a slip of paper, which in turn became a script, which in their turn became a film.

“A Boy Named Sue” is Daniel Lafrentz’s sixth film and was in every sense a collaborative and communal effort. The film was shot entirely on location between Lafayette and New Orleans, Louisiana with an extraordinarily talented, and entirely local cast and crew; with the exception of Daniel and fellow UCLA alum, cinematographer Dagmar Weaver-Madsen.

Louisiana is still frontier territory in regards to independent filmmaking. The project was given gracious support from the St. Martinville Parish School Board and Teche Elementary 4-H Club, Charity Hospital Cemetery in New Orleans and The Wild Salmon Tavern.

“A Boy Named Sue” was accepted as an official selection to the Los Angeles Short Film Festival and is currently submitted to several national and international film festivals around the world.